Further to the posting of 20 March 2020 (see below) and following the announcement by the Prime Minister that all registered and licensed clubs, licensed premises in hotels and pubs, entertainment venues and cinemas, casinos and nightclubs will all close from midday today (23/3/2020), this is to advise that the Para Hills Bowling Club club-rooms will be closed immediately until further notice. This includes for small management approved private or club functions.  Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.



Corona Virus (Covid-19 )



The following is for the information of all members and patrons of the Para Hills Bowling Club.

Due to the problems as a consequence of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) it is important to note that our club has a duty of care to all members, patrons and the community in general.  If our club is found to be negligent in this regard, and fails to ensure the highest possible standards in regard to mitigating and preventing the spread of the coronavirus, then as advised by Clubs SA, penalties can apply including possible immediate closure.

Clubs SA also advise that “The Authorities will be monitoring Clubs for breaches etc.
 Importantly, please remember that in these modern times you are always being watched, photographed, filmed by the public.  This is where any noncompliance will first be detected and reported.”

Consequently, the following will apply, effectively immediately.

1 The Para Hills Bowling Club will be closed until further notice with the exception of some items mentioned within the following points.
2 Wednesday and Saturday Social Bowls will be suspended until further notice.
3 Members with access will be able to gain entry to the greens for a roll-up and may use the available outside facilities. Nevertheless, the club rooms will be closed.
4 Participating members will be permitted to complete their internal championships competition, which is anticipated to be completed within the next few days, utilising the outside facilities, but the club rooms will be closed. Spectators are NOT encouraged to attend.
5 Upcoming events, such as Presentation Night and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be cancelled or suspended until a date to be fixed.   However, those office bearers whose positions are due for renew at the next AGM, the President and Treasurer, will retain their positions until a date for the next AGM has been determined.
6 The Para Hills Bowling Club will continue to operate as a function centre for small management approved private or club functions only.

During this period of uncertainty members and patrons are requested to adhere to the following.

Remain at home if you are feeling unwell.
2  If you have returned from overseas in the past 14 days or are exhibiting flu-like symptoms you are to self-isolate.  You will not be permitted to enter the Club.
3  Frequently wash your hands and use sanitiser.
4  If you suffer from a fever, coughing, fatigue, sore throat, or shortness of breath immediately seek attention from a medical professional.  Do not visit the Club.
5  Maintain a social distance of 1.5 metres.
6  Notify the Club should you suspect you have contracted the virus.

The decisions made have not been made lightly.  These decisions will be reviewed in due course to determine when the Club can resume its operations in full.  Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted.  The understanding of members during this period of uncertainty is greatly appreciated.

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2020 – 2021 Membership Fees

Para Hills BC Membership Fees (including capitation) for 2020 – 2021 are as follows;

  1. $180 to play Wednesday Mens Pennant Competition only
  2. $180 to play the Saturday Pennant Competition only
  3. $180 to play the Women’s Thursday Pennant Competition only
  4. $270 to play the Thursday Women’s and Saturday Pennant Competition
  5. $270 to play the Wednesday Men’s and Saturday Pennant Competition
    The fees listed above include Club Membership, Bowls SA capitation and a uniform for new members playing their initial pennant year

Life Member (capitation only):                          $60
Associate / Social Bowler (Non Pennant) :     $110
Night Owls registration fee :                              $10 initial Registration Fee (a one off fee) plus a weekly $5 Green Fee.
Social Non Bowler :                                              $40

All fees are to be paid to the Club Treasurer.  Unless otherwise stated these fees include Capitation Fees where appropriate.

Fees are due on the 1 April 2020.  A reminder that only financial members will be permitted to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

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The Secretary of the Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA) has today forwarded the following message to all clubs.

The MBA executive met today to discuss the playing of Finals in the environment of the corona 19 virus pandemic. There was a very small window of opportunity to complete the Finals series (within 3 weeks) and it was considered by all that time span would not see any major change in in the current trends.
The MBA has cancelled ALL finals and will be using the end of the minor round for Promotions and Demotions. The MBA will be in touch with all Minor Premiers in regard to trophies etc.
Like all sporting bodies the MBA must give the health and welfare of our membership and in looking at our age demographic this decision was made.”

Additionally Bowls SA have also issued a memo today, part of which is reiterated here, that it is “suspending all scheduled fixtures in the following Bowls South Australia administered competitions, programs and events until further notice.

  1. MGA Women’s Country Carnival March 30th – April 5th
  2. Alexandrina Senior Supa Series April 6th – 8th
  3. Prestige Medley April 18th – 19th
  4. Champions week April 26th – May 3rd
  5. Bowls SA Awards night May 22nd
  6. Regional & State Fiveaa Night Owl Finals, Mallala 18 March – Semaphore 24 March- Toorak Burnside 24 March- Victor Harbor 25 March- Salisbury 25 March- Ascot Park 31 March- Ascot Park 5 April
  1. Berri Barmera Senior Supa Series May 4th & 5th
  2. All State events inclusive of remaining Champion of Champion matches, State Multi-Disability & Australian Indoor Qualifying
  3. All Elite program trainings inclusive of Under 18, development, state training squads & elite squad trials.”

The memo from Bowls SA can read in full here.

Any inconvenience caused to members is sincerely regretted.

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The Bowls SA State Event Committee is currently preparing for the annual review of format and Conditions of Play for State Events.
From this, a Survey on State Events has been compiled to provide members the opportunity to give feedback.  Bowls SA would appreciate any feedback you are able to offer to make these events as great as possible.  To access further information and the survey, please click here.

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