Impending changes to Artificial Devices Policy

Bowls Australia’s (BA) Board has signalled an impending change to the national Artificial Devices Policy, pertaining specifically to the use of bowlers arms.

The revised Artificial Devices Policy, which will come into effect from May 1, 2019, has removed the existing  stipulation that players need to have received approval from the State/Territory Association to use a bowlers arm, and also removes the need for a medical certificate to use a bowlers arm.

A copy of the new Artificial Devices Policy which, as stated, comes into effect on the 1 May 2019 addresses Wheelchairs, Walkers and Bowling Arms, can be found here.

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New Bowlers Guide

The Para Hills Bowling Club was delighted this year to gain a number of new bowlers.  For some who have joined our ranks, this will be the first time they have participated in competition bowls.  Of course we wish them every success.  As an aid to our new bowlers, and others who may be interested, the Para Hills Bowling Club has added to its website a page titled “New Bowlers Guide”.  This page is intended to provide some basic lawn bowls information and assist new bowlers to appreciate and develop their game.  The Para Hills Bowling Club trusts you find the New Bowlers Guide of some assistance.

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Fines, Penalties & Lodgement Fees

The objective of the Fines, Penalties and Lodgement Fees schedule, is to serve as an incentive for Member Clubs and Members to comply with the administrative requirements of the Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA).
Lodgement Fees are payable when submitting a protest, dispute or appeal to the MBA for resolution.
The Executive Committee has the power to fine, suspend, disqualify, or otherwise penalise, any party found in breach of any Law of the Sport, Rule or Condition of Play, or of having brought the sport of bowls into disrepute.
All fines and penalties shall be applied at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
A full copy of the MBA Fines, Penalties & Lodgement Fees can be found here.

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