MBA Presidents Report – February 2021

Over the past few days a few members have queried whether the Wednesday start time for games next season will be earlier.  The Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA) Presidents Report of February 2021 provides a great insight in what to expect next season, including;

“Many of the current Conditions of Play will continue for next season (2021-2022). The following changes will be applied to next seasons COP: –

  • All Divisions for ALL competition days will have Finals.
  • Wednesday pennant start times will be 10 am, 2 end roll up – Match starts at 10.15 am.
  • Wednesday 5 rink playing format will include Division 3.
  • Replay/resumed matches for the Saturday Open will also apply to Divisions 4 & 5.
  • No replays/restarts for Saturday Open Divisions 6 & 7.
  • All current break COP will remain the same as for the current season.”

Members are encouraged to read the MBA Presidents Report, a copy of which may be found here.

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