COVID-19 Some explanatory notes provided by Clubs SA

The following explanatory notes provided by Clubs SA are provided for the information of members and patrons of the Para Hills Bowling Club. They may assist to clarify some issues. Clubs SA advise as follows;

” Clubs SA has received dozens of queries following the sudden closure of clubs owing to the coronavirus pandemic.  To date, the Authorities have clarified the following:-

–         Clubs can close their club rooms and allow their members to play on the external areas such as bowling greens, golf courses.  Food and beverages cannot be provided in these external areas as it contradicts the intent of the new laws;

–         Clubs with a condition on their licence permitting the sale of take off to their members only, can continue to do so providing the sale and supply is from an external window or similar at the Club.  Please note that Clubs SA has sought permission for Clubs who don’t currently hold this condition to also be permitted to do so.  We will advise you of the outcome once the Government responds.  Clubs are reminded that their licence allows them to sell liquor at any time through direct sales transactions to a member of the club provided that the liquor is delivered only between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm;

–         Unfortunately Clubs cannot continue to offer their halls or similar function areas to outside organisations or groups;

–         Club administration staff can continue to work within their Clubs in the office space provided.  Staff who are providing takeaway food can also be present;

–         Clubs can hold their committee meetings within their Club;

–         Members cannot close the Club to the public and gather inside the Club.”

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