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This page contains information of some happenings around the club. It is probably of more interest to club members, but non-members are also most welcome to have a look and join in the activities.



The Para Hills Bowling Club Membership Fees have not changed for the 2022 / 2023 season. They remain the same as the last two seasons.

Full Member (Bowls SA title – Season 2022/23)

2 Day Pennants (Wednesday & Saturday or Thursday & Saturday) – $270
1 day Pennants (Wednesday or Thursday or Saturday) – $180

Conditions for this category.

• Full pennant bowling member
• Green fees / Bowls SA capitation paid in advance.
• Uniform supplied in first year, (must be returned if leaving the
club before completing 3 membership years.)
• Full voting rights. Cannot hold Office in first 12 months#.
• Entered in the Members draw
• Happy Hour nights/functions.
• Entitled to Club hire discounts.
• Night Owl registration included.

Associate / Social Bowler (Bowls SA title – Season 2022-23) – $120

Conditions for this category

• May play in 3 pennant games per season, (club pays temporary player fee to Bowls SA when used.) Uniform not required, Club to provide uniform on loan (if practical).
• Practice Green fees paid in advance.
• Can play in tournaments at Home Club, but not in other Clubs as per Bowls SA Bylaws. Point: 19.2
• Full voting rights. Cannot hold Office in first 12 months#.
• Entered in the Members Draw.
• Happy Hour nights/functions.
• Entitled to Club hire discounts.
• Night Owl registration included.

Junior / Student (Bowls SA title – Season 2022/23) $135

Conditions for this category.

• Full pennant bowling member.
• Green fee paid in advance.
• Uniform supplied in first year, but must be returned if leaving
club within 3 years.
• Not entitled to vote.*
• Entered in the Members Draw.
• Happy Hour nights/functions. (non alcoholic beverages)
• Not entitled to Club hire discounts.

Social Member (PHBC title – Season 2022/23) – $40

• Green fees $8.00 per day, whenever practicing.
• Entered in the Members draw.
• Voting rights* (as per Club Constitution).
• Happy Hour nights/functions.
• Not entitled to Club hire discounts in first year of membership.
• #Cannot stand for election before one (1) full year membership.

Night Owl Member (PHBC title – Season 2022/23)

• #Cannot stand for election before one (1) full year membership.
• Green fee of $5 to be paid weekly.

Holding Office #

• * Shall be entitled to such privileges as the Board shall determine. Constitution 2.12.2
• # Such privilege as the Board shall determine.

Paying by cheque

  1. All cheques are to be made payable to the Para Hills Bowling Club
  2. On a separate accompanying letter state the name/s on whose behalf the payment is made e.g. J. Smith or J and M Smith or J. Smith and B. Brown
  3. State what fee structure the payment is made for, e.g. Thursday and Saturday $270 or Wednesday only $180.  If the payment is for more than one person show the fee structure for each person
  4. Please post cheques and accompanying correspondence to the following address,

Para Hills Bowling Club
PO Box 205
Para Hills SA 5096

If requested, membership cards and receipts can be returned by post, or collected at the Club.  If membership cards and receipts are requested to be returned by post, please ensure to advise your current address in the correspondence accompanying the cheque.

 Paying by Electronic Bank Transfer

The Club’s Banking Details are as follows:

Bank SA

BSB 105-122

ACC 039 911 640

Please put your first initial and Surname (or both names for two persons) and 202021 in the description.  When using the direct bank transfer to the Club account, please send an email to the club administration at or, contact the Club on 8285 6744 and advise the day or days that you have elected to play, e.g. J Smith – Thursday and Saturday – $270 or J. Smith – Saturday only – $180.

Paying by Cash or Card

Payment by cash or card may be made at the Para Hills Bowling Club when the club bar is open for business.


Selection Committee.

The selection committee are responsible for selecting the club’s pennant teams.
The selection committee for 2021/22 season will consist of:
• Chair of Selectors: Tom Steele
• Selectors: Glen Lewis, Martin Galbreath, Steve Stone and Barry Seaman
• Advisor to Selectors: Stuart Paul.

Selection Philosophy (aim)

Para Hills Bowls Club would like to be known as an inclusive and well respected club. We aim to be professional and competitive in all teams. Players will be selected and promoted, where possible, based upon selection criteria and standards. The Selection Committee will remain impartial at all times.


• Must remain impartial.
• Are required to attend weekly selection meetings.
• Must be available to liaise with Skippers verbally or electronically each week.
• Shall be conversant with Bowls SA and Metro Bowls Rules and Conditions of Play, in particular rules relating to player movement.

Selection Criteria or Standards.

The following factors will be taken into account when selecting teams:

Individual Performance – Focus on all-round performance and all aspects of play will be taken into consideration when considering team positions: forehand, backhand, conversion, defence and attack.

Benchmarking – Players will be selected based on their ability to perform during club events not limited to:
• Training days – Fridays each week (or at another time agreed by player and Club Coach)
• Club trial games – scheduled pre season
• Club championships and previous pennant performances – from the previous season
• Social bowls’ events (e.g. turkey triples, jackpot pairs, past presidents days etc.).

New members will be assessed on previous club playing history and current form.

Attitude – This includes players’ attitude towards the club, fellow players, opposition players and members of the club. This will focus on the effort at training and match days, concentration during match play, the timeliness of attendance and their contribution to team/spirit performance.

Team Balance – Efforts will be made to field balanced teams and this may mean selection changes that may appear, at the individual level, to be unwarranted.

Fitness – Players should maintain an appropriate level of fitness relative to the level of bowls they are playing. A particular consideration when moving from a 4 rink game to a 5 rink game, fours to pairs etc.

Training Attendance – At least one training session per week is seen as a minimum requirement. The number one pennant team should train three times per fortnight. Lower teams should train at least once per week. If players cannot attend due to work or study commitments they need to advise their skip at least one day before the scheduled training.


Financial Status – Those players who have not paid their membership fees will not be selected.


Unavailability – If a player is unable to play, they may not be automatically re selected in that side or position. The player who has taken their spot, if warranted, may retain that spot. Players shall post any known unavailability dates on the “Unavailable Sheets” as early as possible prior to selection days (Monday each week). Any player who is unavailable for two weeks or more, MAY be required to come back through a lower division

Post Selection 

In the event a selected player becomes unavailable after selection, replacement players will be decided upon by the Chair of Selectors, the appropriate Selector and Skipper.
Injured or unfit players will be replaced as necessary.
A player making themselves unavailable after selection, without good reason, may be demoted.


Player Infringements

Players may be replaced in a team for disciplinary reasons as provided in the club’s Code of Conduct.

Every endeavour will be made to give all available full members at least one game per week using the current members list. Surplus players shall be rotated through the lower sides.


Skippers are the pivotal source of communication. Following each pennant game:
• Skippers need to appraise their players, providing a balanced critique of each players
performance and giving feedback on any areas of the game that may need attention.
• Skippers need to liaise with players that are being promoted/demoted or shifted in a team position.
• Skippers need to touch base with the selectors with a team report and if necessary identify players that need attention. Any team changes being recommended need to be discussed at this point for presentation to the Selection Committee.

Should a Skipper fail to appraise their team members after each pennant game, the Skipper(s) may be replaced.

Players should approach their Skipper with any queries relating to selection. Where a player is unsatisfied with a Skippers appraisal they should consult with the Chair of Selectors or seek a discussion with a Selector.

All appraisals should reach Selectors by the Sunday evening following the weeks play. Selectors can be contacted verbally, by text or via email.














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