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This page contains information of some happenings around the club. It is probably of more interest to club members, but non-members are also most welcome to have a look and join in the activities.


The Para Hills Bowling Club Membership Fees have not changed for the 2021 / 2022 season. They remain the same as last season.

Membership Fees  (Including Pennant Player Membership)

As members are aware Club membership payments are now due for the 2021 / 2022 season.

Membership Fees (including capitation) For the 2021 – 2022 season are as follows;

  1. $180 to play Wednesday Mens Pennant Competition only
  2. $180 to play the Saturday Pennant Competition only
  3. $180 to play the Women’s Thursday Pennant Competition only
  4. $270 to play the Thursday Women’s and Saturday Pennant Competition
  5. $270 to play the Wednesday Men’s and Saturday Pennant Competition
  6. The fees listed above include Club Membership, Bowls SA capitation and a uniform for new members playing their initial pennant year.
  7. Life Member (capitation only):                          $60
  8. Associate / Social Bowler (Non Pennant) :     $120
  9. Night Owls registration fee :                              $10 initial Registration Fee (a one a off fee) plus a weekly $5 Green Fee.
  10. Social Non Bowler :                                              $40

    All fees are to be paid to the Club Treasurer.  Unless otherwise stated these fees include Capitation Fees where appropriate.  Fees are due on the 1 April 2021.  A reminder that only financial members will be permitted to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The membership fees in full are also listed on the About Us Page.

Those who are unable to visit the club to pay their fees in cash or by card will still be able to pay by cheque or by an electronic bank transfer.

Paying by cheque

  1. All cheques are to be made payable to the Para Hills Bowling Club
  2. On a separate accompanying letter state the name/s on whose behalf the payment is made e.g. J. Smith or J and M Smith or J. Smith and B. Brown
  3. State what fee structure the payment is made for, e.g. Thursday and Saturday $270 or Wednesday only $180.  If the payment is for more than one person show the fee structure for each person
  4. Please post cheques and accompanying correspondence to the following address,

Para Hills Bowling Club
PO Box 205
Para Hills SA 5096

If requested, membership cards and receipts can be returned by post, or collected at the Club.  If membership cards and receipts are requested to be returned by post, please ensure to advise your current address in the correspondence accompanying the cheque.

 Paying by Electronic Bank Transfer

The Club’s Banking Details are as follows:

Bank SA

BSB 105-122

ACC 039 911 640

Please put your first initial and Surname (or both names for two persons) and 202021 in the description.  When using the direct bank transfer to the Club account, please send an email to the club administration at or, contact the Club on 8285 6744 and advise the day or days that you have elected to play, e.g. J Smith – Thursday and Saturday – $270 or J. Smith – Saturday only – $180.

New and existing members are encouraged to pay, or re-new their membership fees by the methods previously mentioned.



Conditions of Entry to the Para Hills Bowling Club


The Para Hills Bowling Club continues to operate under relevant health directions during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are very fortunate that as a community and a sport we have been able to resume our 2020 trading without too many limitations on our operations and honestly we have been overwhelmed and humbled by the support we have received so far.


We have configured the seating within the club to abide by 1.5 m between tables and meet our current density limits.  We ask that all patrons collect their food and drinks and return to a table to consume.  Please do not push tables together to create larger groups or move chairs between tables.

Please remember, sanitise your hands upon entry to the club and to social distance from others while lining up to order food and drinks.

A reminder also that our club is run entirely by volunteers, if someone asks you to abide by these rules please do so politely as we are only doing what we must to continue trading.  By working together to ensure we adhere to these mandatory restrictions we will make our club as safe as possible during these challenging times.

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.



Image result for no dumping lawn bowls

Dumping and Dropping of Bowls Policy

Our greens are the Clubs most valuable asset and need to be protected from any damage. A major risk comes from bowls that are dropped from the bank or dumped during delivery from a height that has the potential to dent the green’s surface.

Dumped or Dropped Bowls Definition

Bowls that are dropped or dumped in the delivery, from a height of more than 15 cm (6 inches) are considered to have the potential to cause damage to the green.

The identification and available support for Para Hills Bowlers who are having difficulty complying with this definition is as follows;

  1. The Management Board has appointed Club Umpires and Coaches to identify members who appear to be having difficulty complying with the requirements of the definition. These members will be approached and requested to seek coaching assistance to correct their delivery.
  2. Various ways to rectify the problem of “dumping” may be tried and may include;
    a. Videoing the delivery to identify the exact nature of the problem,
    b. Changing the bowlers stance, at the point of delivery, so that the bowl is released low enough,
    c. Using a supporting stick, with a 75 mm rubber base, to assist with balance,
    Encouraging the bowler to obtain the temporary use (one month) of an approved bowling arm available at the club, before the bowler makes a personal purchase of a suitable bowling arm.
  3. Bowlers refusing to accept that they are “dumping” and refuse assistance as set out above will be denied access to the greens and advised of this by correspondence endorsed by the Club President.
  4. Bowlers who personally recognise they are having difficulty delivering their bowls smoothly from a height of less than 15 cm (6 inches) are urged to seek assistance from one of the Club Coaches.

Policy Compliance:

All bowlers, including visiting bowlers, and social bowlers utilising the Para Hills Bowling Club’s greens are subject to the requirements of this policy. Those managing this policy are asked to adopt an emphatic common-sense approach when called upon to adjudicate. Seeking a solution to the issue is of most importance. Our intention is to strive to keep all bowlers on the green.


















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