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Calendar for Metropolitan Pennants for season 2021/22

The Metropolitan Bowls Association has released the Calendar for the 2021 / 2022 season.  A copy of the calendar may be found here.

The Chair, Match and Program Committee, has requested that members please note the following;

• The season will start slightly later this season as the Australian Sides and Senior Sides Championships are being held in early October;
• The first round of pennants will be played on Wednesday October 13th, Saturday October 16th and Thursday October 21st 2021;
• All 3 competitions will have a 3 week break over Christmas with the last game played on Saturday 11th, Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th of December 2021;
• Matches will re-commence on Saturday 8th, Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th of January 2022;
• There will be no Wednesday matches on January 26th (Australia Day) and February 2nd (Men’s Country Carnival);
• Finals will be played over 3 weeks with Grand Finals to be played on Saturday 26th March, Thursday 31st March and Wednesday 6th April.

Side nomination forms will be sent to Clubs in the next few weeks.

The Conditions of Play for the coming season will be released in late August/early September.

If there are any questions regarding the calendar, please contact Match & Program (



The Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA) has advised the following Covid-19 Regulations and Planning for the 2020 / 2021 Pennant Season.

“Every Club must lodge a copy of its COVID-19 document with the MBA
Secretary before the pennant season commences.

It is recommended that every Club presents a pre-match announcement to
all bowlers and visitors with their arrangements for managing the day.
Arrangements must include the appointment of COVID-19 Marshals.

To assist with social distancing requirements, on the greens, it is strongly
recommended that before the commencement of Pennant matches, that
Side Managers have arranged to play ODD number rinks – North/South and
EVEN number rinks South/North. This move will at least start matches with less
crowding of players all at the same end.

The MBA and Match & Program have agreed to a temporary change to Rule
3.14 regarding Player Movement during Play. To assist with social distancing
Thirds can remain at the end with the Skipper until it is their turn to bowl.’

Arrangements for split breaks. This will depend on each Clubs seating that
they have available within their clubrooms. Smaller Clubs, with less Sides
playing at their venue, may not need to arrange split breaks.

Saturday times – session 1 at 2.30pm – session 2 at 3.00pm.
Wednesday times – session 1 at 1.45pm – session 2 at 2.15pm.
Thursday times – probably not affected.

After match seating could be considered in respect of social distancing
requirements. Provision of some outdoor tables and seating could be of
benefit to meet social distancing requirements.

Please remember that SAPOL will be providing an educative approach to
those Clubs trying to do the right thing, but will not tolerate blatant disregard
for the laws. Penalties include considerable fines for Clubs and individuals as
well as Club license suspensions.


A meeting of all Associations in conjunction with Bowls SA and Bowls Australia
agreed that all Pennant competitions will operate “as normal”.

The MBA Executive and its Match and Program Committee has retained the
playing format for all playing days and all divisions/sections to be the same as
last season.

If this becomes impossible, then every attempt will be made to complete a
meaningful season which will enable Pennant Winners and promotions and
demotions to be determined.

While it is not possible now to make decisions on what actions may need to
be taken, our guiding principles will be the following: –

1. If the season needs to be reduced, we will aim to play all 18 rounds of
“Home and Away” Pennant games and dispense with Finals.
2. If we are unable to play a full 18 game “Home and Away” season, we
will play as many rounds as possible with Pennant Winners and
promotions and demotions only determined if at least 12 Pennant
rounds have been played.
3. If less than 12 Pennant rounds have been completed then no Pennants
will be awarded and there will be no promotions or demotions for this


As agreed, at the MBA annual general meeting, Clubs no longer have to
provide sandwiches or any other non-packaged food for the afternoon

All food provided must be pre-packaged with individual serves per bowler.

In the interests of food hygiene, protective gloves must be used in the
preparation of all packaged food provided.


2020 – 2021 Pennant Conditions of Play

The Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA) has released the Conditions of Play for Season 2020/2021.    A copy of the 2020 / 2021  Conditions of Play may be viewed here.

The following lists the changes from season 2018/19

  1. Substitutes (Rule 2.3) – more detailed information about the use of substitutes, paraphrased from DR 2.1 & 2.4.
  2. Other Gender (OG) (Rule 2.6) – We are changing the wording of the eligibility requirements making them simpler to interpret.   We have further reduced the maximum number of OG players that can be used to 4 in a 4 rink game (from 5 of 16 to 4 of 16), 3 in a 3 rink game (from 4 of 12 to 3 of 12) and 2 in a 2 rink game (from 3 of 8 to 2 of 8).  There will be no change to the rule that limits OG players to playing lead or second, however there will only be one OG player allowed per rink.
  3. Player eligibility in last 4 rounds (Rule 2.11) – the change made late last season requiring players to have played at least one game (instead of 4 games) in the lower side before round 15 to be eligible to play in that lower side will be formalized.
  4. Mid game breaks (Rule 3.15) – Mid game breaks have been resurrected for Saturday Divisions 1 & 2.  Only Divisions that play 25 ends will play straight through.
  5. Catastrophic Fire Ratings (Rule 7) – Automatic cancellation of matches for Clubs where a catastrophic rating is issued for their Fire Ban District.
  6. Stoppages of Play (Rule 7.6) – Some clarification regarding the responsibilities of umpires.
  7. Protests etc. (Rule 10) – removal from the Conditions of Play of the $ value of fees for protests etc. with referral l to the MBA Schedule of Fines, Penalties and Lodgment of Fees.
  8. Demotions/Promotion (Rule 11.4) – Clarification that Demotions are processed before promotions.
  9. Mobile phones (Rule 14.3) – Detailed information about the use of communication devices on the green paraphrased from the Bowls Australia Policy.

Flow charts/decision trees have been included with the Conditions of Play to provide additional assistance for Clubs to interpret certain rules.  These cover player eligibility (minor rounds) and the heat rule (early start games etc.).


The Night Owls competition for the 2020 / 2021 bowls season will commence again at the Para Hills Bowling Club with the night for the registration of teams being Tuesday 6 October 2020 at about 6 pm. Games start at  7.00 pm.

PLEASE NOTEAlthough the date for the registration of teams has now expired this does not prevent further teams and individuals attending to participate.   Don’t hesitate, come along you will be most welcome

This very popular community activity is not to be missed. Not only does Night Owls Bowls give family and friends of all ages the chance to play semi competitively in a fun filled social atmosphere, but it is also a cheap and affordable source of exercise and entertainment that ultimately benefits all participants.

Team or individual registrations will be at a one off cost of $10 per player. The official registration date is Tuesday 6 October 2020 at about 6.30 pm.  After registration, bowls will start at 7.00 pm. Cost for participation (after registration) is $5 per person per night.  Its never to late to join in the Night Owl competition, so if you and / or your team, are considering coming to the Para Hills Bowling Club for a game you are most welcome.

A club uniform is NOT required. Casual clothing is fineHowever flat soled shoes are essential (no treads and no heels) or you can play in bare feet, or just socks if you wish, weather permitting. If you do not own a set of bowls then we will provide them for you to use on the night. You can make up a team of four (4), or register as a single entry and we will place you in a team.  A game will last approximately three hours. The bar will be open for business. You will be sure to enjoy this social event. SO PLAN EARLY,  Make up a team and come along with your family and friends.  Soak up the friendly atmosphere of the Para Hills Bowling Club.

If you want to get some pre-competition practice in, then feel free to partake in our Social Bowls activities that are held at the club every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon prior to the Pennant Bowls Competition. Be there at 12.00 midday to register and play with other bowlers at a cost of $5 per person. Unfortunately Social Bowls are not played during Pennant Season but the clubs synthetic green will still be available for practice if you so desire.

Please contact the Club on 8285 6744 if you require further information, or contact Daryl on 0417 806 601.  Alternatively, email the Para Hills Bowling Club on  Its never to early to get a team together.  Everyone is welcome.


Bowls Australia have updated their Instantaneous Penalty and Personal Electronic and Communication Devices Policies. Please read the updated policies below:

View the Instantaneous Penalties document here
View the Personal Electronic & Communication Devices Policy here



Bowls Australia (BA), in consultation with the National Officiating Advisory Group (NOAG) and World Bowls (WB), has launched the latest edition of the Laws of the Sport (Crystal Mark Version 3.1). Further information, including when the Laws of the Sport of Bowls are reviewed and a link to enable the downloading of the latest version (Crystal Mark version 3.1) can be found here

The new edition, that can be purchased in Australia from Bowls Australia and the Metropolitan Bowls Association, includes updates to the Domestic Regulations (DRs) in particular DR 2; Bowls Australia Policies and; changes to the Index.

DR 2 has been rewritten to make the requirements for substitutes and replacement players simpler and more easily understood as well as some changes to maintain participation after withdrawal of players.

The new DR allows for Controlling Bodies to approve changes to the players nominated to form teams before the first round has been played.

This change will reduce the need for teams to forfeit in the first round when players who have nominated are no longer able to play.

Domestic regulations must follow the WB – Laws of the Sport and member nations are given permission to apply local domestic regulations according to Law 57.1.

Further information provided by Bowls Australia on this topic can be found here.
A copy of the updated version of “The Laws of the Sport of Bowls” (version 3.1 April 2019) can be obtained from the Para Hills Bowling Club when available.

The Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA) have provided a completely unofficial summary of the changes made to the Laws & the Domestic Regulations. This can be found here.  The MBA also advise that no decision has yet been finalised regarding the adoption of Bowls SA Policy on Instantaneous Penalties for Pennant bowls games.”

 Instantaneous Penalties Policy

Members are advised that the Bowls SA Officiating Advisory Group and the Bowls SA Board have adopted the Bowls Australia Instantaneous Penalties Policy.  Bowls SA further advise that Clubs and Associations are encouraged to adopt this policy for their own events.  A copy of the Instantaneous Penalties Policy may be found here.

Changes to Artificial Devices Policy

Bowls Australia’s (BA) Board has signalled an impending change to the national Artificial Devices Policy, pertaining specifically to the use of bowlers arms.

The revised Artificial Devices Policy, which will come into effect from May 1, 2019, has removed the existing  stipulation that players need to have received approval from the State/Territory Association to use a bowlers arm, and also removes the need for a medical certificate to use a bowlers arm.

A copy of the new Artificial Devices Policy which, as stated, comes into effect on the 1 May 2019 addresses Wheelchairs, Walkers and Bowling Arms, can be found here.


Bowls SA is committed to the safety and well-being of its members and all those who participate in the sport of lawn bowls, both players and non-players.  For that reason, Bowls SA has adopted this policy so that, as far as possible, everyone involved in bowls is free from harassment, abuse, discrimination and other unfair conduct and to promote  respectful and positive behaviour within the sport.  The policy extends to Bowls SA, Member Clubs, Affiliated Clubs, Associations and Members, as well as Bowls SA staff, officials, side managers, coaches, parents, spectators and sponsors and other organisations linked to Bowls SA.  A copy of the Member Protection Policy can be found here.


Bowls SA is conscious of its responsibility to provide direction to its Member Clubs and Associations in relation to the conduct of the game of bowls under extreme weather conditions such as heat and humidity, rain, hail, high winds and squalls, lightning and prolonged heat.  As such Bowls SA has produced the Head and Inclement Weather Policy that applies to all clubs within the Metropolitan Area. A copy of the Heat and Inclement Weather Policy adopted on the 6 August 2018 can be found here.





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