Working Bee – Date Change

Due to an inclement weather forecast the Working Bee scheduled for Friday 14 December 2018 has been cancelled.  Weather conditions are forecast to improve so the Working Bee will now be held on Monday 17 December 2018.

As previously advised both “A” and “B” Greens will be cored prior to the date of the working bee. The Greens will then require top-dressing.  It is estimated the top-dressing will take around 4 – 5 hours, weather permitting.  It is hoped this objective can be achieved on Monday 17 December, however if not volunteers, if available, may be requested to return on the following morning of Tuesday 18 December.  Volunteers are requested to be at the Club at about 8.00 am on Monday 17 December 2018.

It is the old story; many hands make light work, so the more the merrier.  If you are able to assist please advise our Greens Manager, Peter Farrow, or the Chair of the Bowls Committee, Les Cohen.  As a bowling club our greens are our most valuable asset and it is essential they are maintained in excellent condition, so your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Pennant Selections

Selections have been made of those members to represent the Para Hills Bowling Club on Wednesday 12 December 2018.
The selections may be viewed on the Pennants Selections Page.  Good luck to all bowlers.

NB  This is the last pennant game for 2018.  Pennant games start again on Wednesday 9 January 2019.   Although there are no internal bowls games scheduled at the Club over the Christmas break, members are encouraged to play any Club Championship games in which they have entered and/or engage in practice bowls sessions at the Club.

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Rotation Policy

As members are aware a Members Update Meeting was held at the club on Saturday 1 December 2018.  During the meeting the club Rotation Policy generated some discussion.  As a consequence it was decided that since no other methodology for rotation was presented at the meeting, the current rotation policy would remain.  It was also decided that the matter of “rotation” will be referred to the Bowls Committee for review and any further action deemed appropriate.
However before a final decision on this policy will be made, members are invited to put forward their views in writing of any alternative to the current Rotation Policy.  Member’s views are to be referred to and reach Mr Les Cohen, Chairman of the Bowls Committee, by the close of business on Saturday 12 January 2019

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Club Championships

This is a friendly reminder to all members who have entered the Club Championships to please make your payments to Bob Moore by Wednesday 12 December 2018. 
Members who fail to make the required payment by this date will be deemed to have forfeited the game/s in which they have entered.

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Three Club News Items

Three new club news items have been included on the Club News Page.
It is requested members consider these items and assist where possible.

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