Pennant Selections

Selections have been made of bowlers to represent the Para Hills Bowling Club on Wednesday 21, Thursday 22 and Saturday 24 February 2018. To view the selections please visit the Pennant Selection Page.  Good luck to all participants.



Any bowler requiring transport to another bowling club is requested to be at the Para Hills Bowling Club early enough for transport to be arranged and also allowing time for travel to the required venue.  Your assistance in this regard would be greatly appreciated.



Rink of the Week for the week ending Saturday 17 February 2018 with 34 shots up, goes to the Wednesday Division Four North Team consisting of Lead: Patrick Campbell, Second: Arthur Parsons, Third: Trevor Turner and Skip; Terry White.  Congratulations.


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Application Of Heat Policy Investigation Recommendations

On 2 February 2018 the Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA) advised that Match & Program has completed its investigation into the application of the Heat Policy by Clubs in Round 12 Pennant Games played on Saturday 20th January. A report was presented to the MBA Exec Committee on Tuesday 30th January and the recommendations in that report have been accepted.  You are invited to read a summary of the investigation report that may be located here.

The MBA has also advised that the Executive Committee of the MBA has the power to fine, suspend, disqualify, or otherwise penalise, any party found in breach of any Law of the Sport, Rule or Condition of Play, or of having brought the sport of bowls into disrepute. All fines and penalties shall be applied at the discretion of the Executive  Committee.  This advising can be viewed here.
The Saturday Pennant Round 12 games that were suspended on 20 January due to the heat will be resumed on Friday 9 February with trial ends commencing at 6:00 pm.  Although none of these games affect the Para Hills Bowling Club, for those interested a list of the Round 12 resumed games, including the rules of play, can be found here.

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Club Championships

The Para Hills Bowling Club Championships will be played at the Para Hills Bowling Club on Sunday 11 February 2018 and Sunday 25 February 2018.  For further details please visit the Club News Page.

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Heat Policy – Amendments For All Days Of Competition

By correspondence dated 5 January 2018 the Metropolitan Bowls Association (MBA) has advised of amendments to the current heat policy.  The MBA correspondence states as follows;

“There have been changes made to the Heat Policy to remove some inconsistencies regarding when the temperature should be checked.

From now on, only the recorded hourly and half-hourly temperatures will be used to determine whether play will continue.

The Conditions of Play have been amended to reflect these changes and the affected rules are included below.

S7.1.5 It is a requirement that a check of the temperature at the designated weather station is done shortly after each hour and each half hour during play (ie to find out the temperature recorded at the hour and half hour eg 2pm, 2.30pm, 3pm etc).

S7.1.6 If the recorded temperature at the hour or half hour reaches or exceeds the cut-off
temperature, the responsible person is to advise the Umpire of the Day, who after confirming the temperature, will call all players off the green/s at the completion of the end in play.

Venues will continue to use the designated weather station as shown in Annexure B.

Clubs are also reminded that there is no scope for team managers to agree to continue playing, contrary to the rules. The umpire of the day is responsible for the application of the rules.”

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A program has been drawn up to advise members of the menu available on the various very popular Friday Food Nights that are held at the Para Hills Bowling Club.  Please note that it is intended to trial a gold coin donation Soup Night during the cooler months in lieu of the Pizza Night.  Further information regarding this trial will be provided in due course. The new program covers the months of January to June 2018 inclusive and can be found on the Club News Page.

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